Why Serverless?

Why Serverless?

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Ankit Mehta
·Jun 21, 2022·

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  • Why Serverless?
    • Serverless is a journey, not a destination
    • Many startups are adopting serverless, and the following are some reasons for serverless adoption.
  • 1/ Flexibility / Polygot:

    • Serverless platforms support different programming language runtimes. This gives flexibility to developers to choose the language they are most comfortable with.
  • 2/ No Ops:

    • Serverless platforms are managed by cloud providers (Unless self-hosted serverless platforms), so from operating system patching, updates are the provider's responsibility.
    • This increases development velocity as deployment can be done anytime.
  • 3/ Auto Scaling:

    • Serverless platforms are built to run loosely-coupled stateless components; if the component requires longer runtime or more resources, the platform scales independently.
    • This is the responsibility of the cloud platform provider and also goes under no-ops
  • 4/ Quick Release Cycle:

    • Serverless platforms provide on the fly code change; this gives flexibility to developers to modify functions based on their needs and roll back to the previous version with ease.
    • It is not necessary to update the whole application, fix only required
  • 5/ Cost Reduction:

    • Serverless platforms come with a pay-as-you-go model
    • There is no charge for idle resources.
    • Most providers provide some free minutes each month
  • 6/ High Availability:

    • Most Serverless platform comes with high availability.
    • Cloud providers take responsibility for designing and implementing infrastructure that gives high availability and goes under no-ops for the end-user
  • 7/ Decreased Latency:

    • Serverless codes are not hosted on the origin servers, so they can run from anywhere.
    • Based on the provider, the code can be executed nearest the customer's location, thus reduction in latency and improvement in the site performance.
  • My choice of #Serverless providers:

    • @Cloudflare workers - Cloudflare workers are always the first choice for serverless implementation
    • AWS lambda
    • Alibabacloud Function compute
    • Azure Functions
    • GoogleCloud Functions
    • openfaas (Self hosted)
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